How Do You Accelerate Copper Aging?

Accelerate copper aging by heating the copper or using liver of sulfur or vinegar and salt. Each method of accelerating copper aging requires certain steps.

To accelerate copper aging by heating the metal, use a torch and experiment with different lengths of heating time. Copper turns different colors based on how long it is exposed to a heat source. Pull the torch away slowly to minimize color change as the metal cools. After achieving a desired color, apply a sealant such as beeswax, acrylic or renaissance wax.

Use salt and vinegar mixed together in equal proportions to age copper with the salt and vinegar method. Soak the copper in this solution until 30 minutes after it forms a patina layer. Allow the copper to air dry, and if desired, apply salt to speed along the drying process. Use a sealant to protect the surface and color.

To age copper with liver of sulfur, start by soaking the metal in warm water. Add the liver of sulfur to the water in the suggested amount based on the amount of water, and make sure to be in a well-ventilated area. The sulfur and heat mixture changes the color of the metal to a darker hue.