What AC and HVAC Units Are Safe to Install in a Used Mobile Home?

What AC and HVAC Units Are Safe to Install in a Used Mobile Home?

Mobile homes can utilize indoor furnaces, split-type HVAC units with an indoor and outdoor component, or outdoor packaged units involving just air conditioning or a combination of air conditioning and heat. For large mobile homes, central and outdoor air-conditioning units are more efficient than window units.

Many mobile homes have a package HVAC system for heating and cooling that specifies the recommended maximum number of BTUs for an HVAC unit inside the home. The U.S. Department of Energy also has equipment sizing guidelines for mobile homes.

Split-type heating and air-conditioning systems provide heating and air conditioning to mobile homes. They use a gas or electric indoor furnace combined with an outdoor air-conditioning unit. For homes with a furnace but no air conditioning, add-on outdoor air conditioning units can link to an existing furnace. Self-contained outdoor package units combining air conditioning and heating are another option for mobile homes. They combine air conditioning with electric heat or a heat pump.

Standalone gas and electric furnaces can also be installed in mobile homes, as can standalone air conditioning units without a heating system. Air conditioning units are usually outdoor packaged units. Ductless air conditioning units, made of an outdoor unit and one or more indoor air handlers, can be used for mobile homes without ductwork.

As of 2015, HVAC systems made by Coleman, Intertherm and Miller are recommended for mobile homes.