What Is a 1930 GE Refrigerator?


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Known as "Globe Top" Monitor Top refrigerators, the early 1930's GE refrigerators were a slightly modified version of the original 1927 model. These units had the enclosed mechanical assembly in a globe-shaped top.

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GE introduced the first refrigerator for home use in 1927 and offered several models of refrigerators throughout the 1930's. The early Monitor Top refrigerators were seen as affordable because they cost about $300. Many customers were also able to purchase the refrigerators from their energy supplier for $10 per week added to their energy bill. GE offered one, two and three door models that were kept cold with one of two types of refrigerant, either sulphur dioxide or methyl formate. The inside provided 5 x 7 cubic feet of storage space.

The first model was in production until 1936, with only slight modifications made to the condenser coils and shelving. The "Globe Top" model was introduced by GE in the early 1930's. Along with the modified, round housing on top, this model also came in three sizes instead of one, and was easier to clean than before.

The "Flat Top" version was put onto the market in late 1936, with a large, square top. It had a smaller compressor and a condenser fan motor.

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