What Is a 15-Watt Night Light Bulb Used For?


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The 15-watt light bulb is an incandescent bulb used most often in night light fixtures, candelabras and plug-in fragrance warmers, according to retailer Light Bulb Market. These specialty bulbs can also be used in some appliances and ceiling fan fixtures.

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Night light bulbs can cost anywhere from $1 to $7 each. The light bulbs must be matched to the base size and appropriate wattage in a fixture. To reduce the risk of hazards, including electrical fires, it is important for consumers to match both specifications when buying bulbs, says retailer Bulb Town.

When purchasing a lighting fixture or shopping for a replacement bulb, it is important to first check the maximum amount of wattage the fixture takes. A bulb with too much wattage can produce excess heat, which can damage the fixture and increases the risk of a fire.

While consumers have chosen light bulbs based on wattage for many years, the Federal Trade Commission is encouraging a new focus on lumens, which measure brightness rather than the amount of energy the bulb uses. This change comes from the growing availability of energy-efficient bulbs, which produce more brightness using less energy. Most incandescent lights, including 15-watt night light bulbs, can be replaced with more energy-efficient LED bulbs.

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