What Is 1235 Cc in Horsepower?


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Engine displacement, measured in cubic centimeters ("cc"), and power, measured in watts or horsepower, are separate measurements that cannot be precisely compared to one another. However, several examples of modern 1235cc engines show horsepower ratings between 135 and 165.

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Engine displacement is commonly mistaken as a measurement of power, since cars, trucks, motorcycles and boats are often described in terms of the displacement volume of their engines. In fact, engine displacement simply refers to the total volume of all the cylinders in the engine. Engines with larger displacement ratings tend to be more powerful, but that is not always the case.

The most important factor in determining the relationship between engine displacement and power is the number of cylinders that the engine uses. For example, a two-cylinder engine does not run as powerfully as a four- or six-cylinder engine, even if the total displacement is the same. That same two-cylinder engine, however, enjoys better fuel economy than a four- or six-cylinder engine with the same displacement. For this reason, automotive manufacturers tend to list fuel economy, engine displacement and engine power separately when describing their products' specifications. These factors are also influenced by the weight of the car and its passengers.

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