What Are 100-Gallon Propane Tanks Used For?

According to the Godfrey Propane Co. of Arlington, Texas, 120-gallon propane tanks, which hold 100 gallons of the gas, are primarily used to operate cooktop stoves, fireplaces and hot tubs. The vertical 120-gallon tank is the smallest of several popular tank sizes.

A 250-gallon tank is the most popular tank size and is the usual choice for average-sized residences that use propane-powered water heaters, cooktop stoves and central heating, says the Godfrey Propane Co., which has been serving propane customers for almost 70 years.

In order to obtain the right-sized tank, homeowners should consider residential sizing factors including the size, number and BTU of the heaters and other appliances in use, Godfrey Propane suggests. The square footage of the home and quality of installation also should be included in the calculation.

The company adds that 500-gallon and 1,000-gallon propane tanks are normally used in homes with sizable heating units and in commercial properties.

Smaller tanks should be set up so they sit approximately 3 feet from an entrance or window and at least 10 feet away from an ignition source. Likewise, 250- to 500-gallon tanks should be set at least 10 feet away from a homeowner's property line.

The 120-gallon propane tanks don't come in underground models.