What Are the 10 Highest-Rated Pots and Pans?

Top pots and pans, according to Good Housekeeping, include cookware from Earth Pan, Anolon, Sur la Table, Paula Deen, Pampered Chef and more. Other top rated sets of pots and pans include the Circulon Elite Platinum collection, Earth Pan Hard Anodized with Sandflow collection, and the Cousinart Green Gourmet collection.

The Earth Pan II Sandflow cookware set is a top-rated aluminum non-stick cookware set that does not use polytetrafluoroethylene or perfluorooctanoic acid as a finish. This 10-piece set costs around $150 as of 2015, and an 9-inch pan is available for $20.

The Anolon Advanced Bronze cookware set is a highly-rated anodized aluminum cookware set with a non-stick finish. This 10-piece set costs around $300, with an 8-inch pan running about $25. The Sur la Table hard-anodized cookware set receives high ratings because of its even heating on both electric and gas ranges, and the complete set costs around $250.

The Paula Deen Signature aluminum cookware set provides an antique look with exceptional performance. This set is aluminum-overlaid with porcelain enamel, and costs $120 for a 12-piece set.

The Pampered Chef hard-anodized aluminum set costs around $450 for a seven-piece set and comes equipped with glass lids, silicone grips and non-stick finishes. The Anolon Nouvelle Copper cookware set mixes modern style with functionality, with a smooth exterior and non-stick finish. Rachael Ray produces a highly-rated cookware set, that is offered in six different colors of porcelain-enameled aluminum with a non-stick finish.