How Do You Do Zombie Makeup?


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To do zombie makeup, start with a base of white makeup for a pale face, and use liquid latex and fake blood to create wounds. Create bruises or dark eye circles with red, blue, yellow and brown eye shadows or face paint.

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  1. Start with a white base

    To create pale skin, apply cream white makeup to the face or as much of the body as you want.

  2. Create sunken cheeks and dark eyes

    To give the appearance of sunken cheeks, swipe green and red makeup under the cheekbones. For dark circles or bruised eyes, apply red makeup near the eye, and in layers, add various shades of blue, black, brown and yellow makeup.

  3. Add wounds

    Choose a spot for a wound, and use a cotton swab to apply liquid latex. Press and lift the swab in the shape of the wound. To dry the latex, use a hair dryer on the low setting. Cover the latex with black makeup. Add red to the center of the wound, and lightly brush more red on top of the black. To create bruising, dab blue and red makeup around the outside of the wound, and then apply a mustard yellow just around the latex area. Add more wounds around the face or body, and liberally apply fake blood in blotches and splatters.

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