What Are Some Do-It-Yourself Wedding Ideas?

What Are Some Do-It-Yourself Wedding Ideas?

Some do-it-yourself wedding ideas are making your own invitations, making your own centerpieces and making your own wedding favors. Other do-it-yourself wedding ideas are making your own decorations or baking your own cake.

One popular do-it-yourself wedding idea is making your own invitations. To create your set, you can choose from existing wedding invitation themes, such as rustic or elegant, or you can invent a style all your own. Some options are gluing lace to the edges of each card, covering the invitations in stamps relating to the theme of your wedding or painting them yourself with watercolors.

Another good do-it-yourself wedding idea is to make your own guest book. For a unique and homey twist, have your guests each write a little note and attach it to a quilt square, so you can make a quilt later on to remember your special day.

Create your own wedding centerpieces by re-purposing old Mason jars. Coat each jar with a layer of a pastel paint of your choice and let them dry; then, rub them all over with sandpaper to create a distressed, antique look. Fill the finished jars with flowers and place one or more in the center of each table.

Brides can also choose to create their own place card holders out of cork lids. Cut a slit in the top of each cork lid where the place card is to sit, and then dip the bottom of each lid in paint to add color.