How Do You Write Thanksgiving Speeches?

write-thanksgiving-speeches Credit: Echo/Cultura/Getty Images

A Thanksgiving speech is best written in a two-step process, where the writer chooses a theme and then outlines the speech with main points, a conclusion and an opening paragraph. Practice the speech before delivery to ensure the timing is right and that nervousness is minimal.

Before planning a Thanksgiving speech, follow the two step process below.

  1. Choose a theme
  2. To create a stronger message, stick to one topic or theme rather than a mix. A good Thanksgiving theme could be gratitude, recognition of community, honor, acknowledgement of difficult times, celebration of the season, heritage or resolution and hope. Determine who the speech is for, what the occasion is and the style of the occasion before selecting a theme.

  3. Plan the speech outline
  4. Create three main points based on the theme chosen. For each main point, create two or three examples to help illustrate the point. After creating the main points, begin working on the conclusion of the speech. The conclusion will summarize the main points and end with a strong statement or famous quote.

    The last part of the speech to work on is the beginning. This portion welcomes guests, allows an introduction and offers a broad overview of the main points that are included in the speech.