How Do You Write Thank You Notes for Dinner?

Write a thank you note for dinner as soon as possible to show your appreciation for being invited. Include specific compliments about the evening to make the note as personal as possible and help ensure your seat at the next dinner that is held at the recipient's home.

  1. Give thanks in the first sentence of the note

    After using the proper salutations, you may use the more formal Mr. and/or Mrs. if you are not on a first-name basis, offer your gratitude for the lovely time you had at the gathering. Offer thanks for the delicious food and great company.

  2. Share specific compliments about the dinner

    Gush over the main course or dessert served at the dinner, adding that you'd love to exchange recipes sometime if you're a cook. Include a fun moment from the evening, such as how you enjoyed the host's stories about a recent vacation.

  3. Offer to reciprocate at a later date

    End the note with an offer to have a gathering at your home sometime in the near future. If you are planning a dinner with a special occasion in mind, offer a tentative date with promises to let the recipient know as soon as plans are firmly made.