How Do I Write a Thank-You Letter From My Company?

How Do I Write a Thank-You Letter From My Company?

Write a thank-you letter from your company by following the standard rules for writing a business letter. Include the sending company's address, the date, the recipient's address, a formal salutation, a body and a closing. In the body, express the specific reasons for sending the thank-you letter.

  1. Select appropriate paper

    Use business letterhead for business-related thank you letters. If your business does not have letterhead, choose plain white or ivory paper, and start the letter with the full name and address of your business.

  2. Add the date

    Skip a space, and add the date. This sets a time frame for the recipient to remember if the letter gets held up in the mail or a company mail room.

  3. Type the inside address

    Skip another space, and type the recipient's address underneath the date. Include the name of the person to whom you are sending the letter and the name and address of the business for which the person works. If you are sending the letter to an individual to express thanks unrelated to his employment, use the person's home address instead.

  4. Use a formal greeting

    Skip a space, and type a business salutation followed by the recipient's name and a comma. The most common business greeting is a simple "Dear."

  5. Write the body

    Skip a space, and write the body of the letter. Start by expressing your thanks along with the specific reason that you are thankful. Tell the recipient how their actions benefited your company.

  6. Finish with a business closing

    Skip a space, and add a closing followed by a comma. Appropriate business closings include "Regards," "Sincerely" and "Yours truly." Sign your name underneath the closing.