How Do You Write a Thank You Letter After a Funeral?

When you write a thank you letter after a funeral, express your thanks, be as specific as possible and explain the significance of the person's kind act or attendance at the funeral. Ensure the tone of the letter matches your relationship to the recipient. For example, you write differently to your best friend than to your boss. Hand write the letter if possible, although email is okay.

  1. Open with "Dear" and the person's name

    Writing the recipient's first name is usually fine, but let your relationship to the person guide you. Use Dr., Mr., Ms. and other titles as necessary.

  2. Express thanks

    Start the first sentence with statements like "Thank you for..." or "I want to thank you for..." Be specific in your thanks; for example, you might thank the person for going to the funeral and donating to a charity in the deceased person's memory, or for bringing food.

  3. Explain what the person's gift or presence did for you

    Write a sentence or two like: "Your presence at the funeral made me realize how many lives Dad touched," or "Dad always liked your coconut cakes. I felt close to him as I saw people enjoying your cake after the funeral."