How Do You Write a Thank You Note for a Gift Received?


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Write a thank you note for a gift by hand, with sincerity and as soon as possible. A nice thank you note shows appreciation for the gift. Handwritten notes add personalization as well.

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How Do You Write a Thank You Note for a Gift Received?
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Anyone writing a thank you on a pre-printed card should add handwriting to make the note more personal. Begin with a greeting, such as "Dear" or "Hello." Make sure the recipient's name is spelled correctly.

Give thanks for the gift; there are various ways to do this. A simple "thank you" is sufficient, but other ways to word grateful feelings include "You made my day" or "This was exactly what I needed." A brief note or two about what is special or most appreciated about the gift lets the gift giver know why that particular gift was a good choice.

If desired, add in other comments, such as expressing a desire to see the person soon or explaining plans on how to use or display the gift.

At the end of the note, express thanks again, though it may be worded differently. End the note with regards, which can be done numerous ways, including "Sincerely," "Warmly" or "With love" depending on the relationship between the gift giver and writer.

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