How Do You Write a Sympathy Card?


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Choose a card that is appropriate for the situation. Inside the card, write a message expressing your sincere condolences. Explain to the recipient that you are sorry for his loss, that the deceased will be missed, and that you are here for support in this trying time.

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How Do You Write a Sympathy Card?
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Start your card with a simple greeting, such as "Dear (Person's Name)." Then, continue on to express how sorry you are to hear about his loss. If you knew the deceased, you might want to include a positive memory you have of that person. Finish the card with a kind message, one that conveys to the recipient that you are thinking of him, and that they have your care and support in this time of hardship.

In terms of choosing a card, find one that is appropriate for a somber occasion. Avoid bright colors, cartoon designs, and anything that attempts to be humorous. Sending a card with loud colors and bold designs could come off as untactful and uncaring. Also, if you are unsure of the recipient's religious denomination, choose a card that is free of any religious references.

When writing the card, be sure to use either a blue or black pen. Additionally, take care that your handwriting is neat and legible. If the person cannot read your message, it might appear as though the card is of little importance to you. Slow down, be sincere, and make sure your card looks tidy and thoughtful.

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