How Do You Write a Romantic Valentine's Day Message?


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The ideal Valentine's Day message should be personal, memorable and provided in a format (such as a card) that may be kept as a memento. It should focus on one or more special qualities that its recipient has that you value.

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Before composing your notes, take some time to think about what made you fall in love with this person and what you continue to adore about her. The more specific the better! Note if there is a small gesture that she makes that you find endearing or if there is something she does for you without being asked that you appreciate. Jot down your ideas; you may return to this list for future love notes.

Generally, pre-printed greeting cards should reflect your personality and that of the recipient. If the card has text, be prepared to supplement it with your own message. For an even more personal touch, select a heavyweight stationary with some texture and, unless your handwriting is indecipherable, hand-write your note in blue or black ink.

To further personalize your message, add a sensual touch by spritzing the note or card with a bit of your favorite perfume or aftershave, or apply lipstick and kiss the envelope. This reminds your lover of you every time she handles your love missive, and she may decide to keep it for years to come.

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