How Do You Write a Retirement Speech?


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To write a retirement speech, the writer needs to consider the audience, make a concise statement and emphasize professional accomplishments. These three factors ensure that the retirement speech is prepared properly and articulated with confidence.

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Retirement is broadly defined, and summarizing its meaning into a speech is extremely challenging. It is first important to consider the audience before a person delivers the retirement speech. In some instances, the audience may only be colleagues. This scenario requires that the speech include certain memories at work in addition to recognition of the professional relationships that developed along the way. If family and friends are the audience, the speech should focus on how the work experience has impacted more personal endeavors.

A retirement speech should be brief in nature so that the audience understands the message. A concise statement and additional remarks should not exceed 10 minutes. A lengthy speech can sound monotonous and unsentimental. Finally, the written speech should not only show gratitude to all those who showed support, but should also emphasize professional accomplishments. The body of the speech should list no more than three accomplishments that were recognized during employment. If a person had a career at multiple jobs, then the speech should list the accomplishments associated with the longest-tenured positions.

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