How Do You Write a Retirement Announcement?

write-retirement-announcement Credit: Ezra Bailey/Taxi/Getty Images

When writing a retirement announcement, the writer needs to include the person's name who is retiring, the retiree's department or job, his retirement date and any plans for a retirement party. It is important to highlight the accomplishments of the retiree. This lets the person know he is a value to the company.

The retirement announcement needs to start with the retiree's professional background. This tells information about when he started the job, how the company changed since then and what he contributed. Included in this section are any promotions he received, what relevant education he acquired during his working years and specific contributions he made to the company.

Family information is optional following the professional information for the retiree. This includes spouse, children and grandchildren.

It is nice to tell what the retiree plans to do when he retires, particularly if these are related to what other workers know about him. This helps those wishing to give gifts have some idea on what the retiree is able to use.

If a party is planned, the writer of the retirement announcements needs to include the specific time and place of the event. The announcement also includes information about how to respond to the party invitation.

This type of announcement is more informal and for tightknit companies.