How Do You Write a Preschool Graduation Speech?

When preparing a preschool graduation speech, consider commemorating the event by reading a graduation poem or a book such as the Dr. Seuss classic, "Oh, The Places You'll Go." When writing the speech, remember the intended audience, namely the students and their parents, and how the event can be made memorable for them.

When writing a preschool graduation speech or poem, remember to keep it concise and to the point. A long poem or speech may lose the attention of a young audience. If reading a book, do so as if reading to the students during story time to keep them engaged.

When choosing topics to write about, it is best to focus on how far the students have come in their studies as well as celebrating the new friends they made during the year. Mention the upcoming year, including new challenges, exciting projects and other things students can expect to learn next year.