What Do You Write on Place Cards?

write-place-cards Credit: Paul Viant RF/Caiaimage/Getty Images

Place cards should contain the names of guests to be seated at a formal event, such as a wedding. It is appropriate to list couples on one card, but the individual members of a couple can also receive separate place cards.

If couples are listed on the same place card, there are several options for wording. It is appropriate to write "Mr. and Mrs." with the last name or to omit titles and just use first names. If writing place cards for a couple in the United States, the woman's name is traditionally listed first; if in Europe, the man's name is listed first. If titles are omitted for any guests, such as for a single woman, they should be omitted for all guests. Many people, however, prefer to list each guest separately regardless of marital or couple status. When writing a place card for a "plus-one" or guest of a guest, if it all possible, the planner should learn the name of the guest's date rather than listing him as "guest" on the place card.

Place cards can be printed on a computer or handwritten using calligraphy. If designated seating is desired, the place cards should be placed at each guest's actual seat. When this is done, it is helpful to inform guests of their table numbers before the event or as they arrive. If no designated seating is planned, place cards can be set out on a table, usually in alphabetical order, for guests to pick up upon arrival.