How Do You Write a Letter to Your Teacher Thanking Them?


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A quality thank you letter to a teacher includes a greeting, a body in which you write how the teacher has made a difference to you, a closing, such as "sincerely," and a signature above the student's printed name. Omit the printed name if the letter is handwritten.

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How Do You Write a Letter to Your Teacher Thanking Them?
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The greeting of the letter usually acknowledges the teacher by last name unless the student-teacher relationship is close enough to allow using only the first name. For example, if the teacher's last name is Smith, the greeting usually begins with "Dear Mr. Smith" or "Dear Mrs. Smith."

The content of the letter depends on the relationship between you and your teacher, the theme of the class and the types of improvement you experienced as a result of the class. Let the teacher know your feelings regarding the teacher and what differences the teacher has made in the your academic or personal life. Cite specific examples of what the teacher has done to inspire these changes. These revelations show the teacher you are sincere and appreciative of the teacher's help.

The closing of the thank you letter should be a word or short phrase like "sincerely" or "thank you." This closes the letter with a final thought to the teacher.

The student's signature below the closing is the final component of the thank you letter to a teacher.

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