How Do You Write a Letter From Santa?

How Do You Write a Letter From Santa?

Disguising your paper, handwriting and diction is one of the easiest ways to craft a letter that appears to be from Santa Claus. It is also helpful to prepare a draft of your letter before writing the final version.

  1. Stain your paper

    Slide a wet tea bag across the piece of paper you plan to use for your letter, and then allow it to dry. As the paper dries, be sure to weigh down the edges; this keeps the paper from curling. In the end, your paper should come out a rustic shade of brown.

  2. Draft your letter

    On a separate piece of paper, outline what you want to say in your letter. Make a list of vocabulary words Santa Claus is likely to use and determine where to incorporate those words into your draft. Consider words and phrases such as "jolly," "merry," and "Ho! Ho! Ho!"

  3. Practice writing in an unrecognizable font

    When you write the official letter, you want to do your best to alter your handwriting so that the reader won't identify or recognize it as yours. Practice this by changing the typical size, shape and position of your lettering. Simple tactics include thickening your lines and writing slower than you normally would.

  4. Write your letter

    After practicing your Santa Claus font, copy the text from your drafted letter onto your stained paper. Take your time.