How Do I Write an Invitation Letter?

write-invitation-letter Credit: Malcolm Piers/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Write an invitation letter by introducing the host, presenting important information about the event, detailing when a response is needed, mentioning special requirements of the guest, and then expressing your appreciation for the guest's attendance. You need stationary and a pen. Writing the letter takes under 30 minutes.

  1. Introduce the host

    Introduce the host of the event, along with any organization he represents. Keep the introduction brief. If the invitation is to a formal event, the tone of the letter should reflect that formality. Less-formal events can have a lighter tone.

  2. Report specifics of the event

    Share with the guest when and where the event is to occur. If the event has a theme or purpose, describe it in the body of the letter.

  3. Ask for a response

    Specify the time frame in which the guests need to respond to accept the invitation.

  4. Mention any special requirements

    If the guests are required to bring anything special to the event, mention it at this point. Also note the type of dress required for the event.

  5. Close the letter

    Thank the guests for their attendance, and express that you look forward to seeing them at the event. Carefully proofread the letter for any mistakes, and make the needed corrections.