How Do You Write an Invitation to Dinner?

write-invitation-dinner Credit: Thomas Barwick/Stone/Getty Images

An invitation to a dinner event should include the date and time and a request for an RSVP. While the letter may be written formally or casually, letters of invitation are generally used for more formal events.

  1. Write the first line of the invitation

    The first line of a dinner party invitation should clearly state your intentions and reasons for the event. It should include who is hosting the event and what the purpose of event is, such as an anniversary or a business celebration.

  2. Include the specific details of the event

    When writing a dinner invitation, clearly state the date and time of the dinner. Formal invitation letters spell out the date and time with no abbreviations, such as "Friday, June Seventh at Seven O'Clock." Be sure to also include the location of the event, as well as the dress code or any other pertinent details.

  3. Include contact information so guests may RSVP

    At the end of the letter, leave a way for your guests to contact you, such as an email address or phone number. Also include a date by which you require a response. You may also use a reply card that recipients may fill out and mail back to you.