How Do You Write a House-Warming Greeting Card?

How Do You Write a House-Warming Greeting Card?

When writing a house-warming greeting card, focus on welcoming the recipients to your community and introducing yourself. Keep the card light-hearted, and add a joke if you have one.

House-warming cards are a good way to make the recipients feel comfortable in a new neighborhood. One nice gesture you can include in your message is telling the recipients to let you know if they need anything.

Your message can be more personal if you know the recipients. If they're your friends, you may include that you're glad they live this close to you now. Although house-warming greeting cards are common, emails and text messages also work if you have the recipients' contact information. If the recipients bought a house, congratulate them on their purchase.

A light-hearted tone is a good choice because moving is often a stressful experience. For a joke, you can mention how the recipients should enjoy the move-in, because the home isn't going to get any cleaner. Another joke option is mentioning how crazy the neighborhood is, and welcoming the recipient to the club.

Another option is sending a house-warming gift. Gift ideas include candles, kitchen supplies, a cookbook or a basket with common grocery store items, such as wine, beer, bread and cookies.