How Do You Write a Holiday Letter?

write-holiday-letter Credit: Hill Street Studios/Blend Images/Getty Images

To write a holiday letter, first determine your audience. The style and tone of your letter depends on whether you are writing to family, friends, business colleagues or customers. Also, remember that not everyone observes the same holidays. Be sensitive and gracious when choosing your words.

You can open a holiday letter with a warm greeting and good wishes for the upcoming holiday. If possible, personalize the greeting of your letter. If you are printing many copies, try to find computer software that inserts the name of each recipient.

Keep the holiday letter brief, and try to mail it one month before the holiday. The holidays are a busy time for everyone, so try to make your letter stand out. If you want, you can print the letter on special holiday stationery, or use holiday stamps for a special touch.

If your holiday letter is for family and close friends, you can include a brief update on any special events or news from the past year. If any of this information is particularly personal, check with the people involved and make sure you have their permission to share it. You can also ask about the recipient's year and invite that person to any upcoming gatherings you have planned.

For a letter to colleagues or employees, keep a professional but friendly tone. This is a good place to thank the recipients for their work over the past year and to mention any accomplishments of which the company is particularly proud. You may also use the holiday letter as an invitation to a holiday gathering or as an accompaniment to an annual bonus.

When writing to customers, thank them for their past business. You may include a brief update about the company and invite the customer to take part in any special sales or events that you have planned.