How Do You Write Holiday Greetings?

How Do You Write Holiday Greetings?

To write holiday greetings, identify the receiver of the greeting, then choose the type of sentiment you wish to convey. A greeting to a boss would require a formal tone, while a sentiment to your mother would be more personal and heartfelt.

  1. Address the occasion

    Addressing the occasion could be as simple as writing "Merry Christmas," "Happy Holidays" or "Happy Hanukkah." For a more personal letter, this isn't essential, but the basic holiday card inscription usually opens with one of these statements.

  2. Add content

    In a holiday card, the content rarely needs to be longer than a sentence or two. Mention how much you enjoyed your time with the person that year, or even write something short about what you and your family have been doing.

  3. Closing and signature

    This is the point in the letter where you wish the recipient well during the holiday season. You may also wish to invite them to call or visit, but not all holiday cards hold these invitations. Finally, sign your name at the end of the letter or card.