How Do You Write a Heartfelt Thank-You Note?


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To write a heartfelt thank-you note, being with greetings, express thanks, add specific details, express a desire to keep in touch, thank the person again and send regards. Thank-you notes show gratitude and keep lines of communication open.

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How Do You Write a Heartfelt Thank-You Note?
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Begin with a greeting ensuring that the person's name is spelled correctly and used in the right form. Use first names for old friends and acquaintances and last names for less familiar people. Titles such as Mr and Mrs should accompany their last names. Ensure that other peoples appearing on the note are also spelled correctly.

Next, express heartfelt thanks, using the words "thank you." Add specific details such as how the gifted money will be spent, what the opportunity means or what the gift will be used for. This shows appreciation for the gift.

Express a desire to meet in the future or to continue with the connection. Propose meeting or speaking in future, and provide a specific time or date where possible.

Restate the thanks, this time adding different details. End with regards. The word "sincerely" works well for acquaintances, but "many thanks," "with love" and "yours truly" are more personal for closer relationships. Heartfelt thank-you notes should always be handwritten.

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