What to Write in a Good Luck Card?

What to write in a good luck card depends greatly upon to whom it is addressed. If you are writing to a close friend, relative or other individual you know well and like, then a less formal card is appropriate. When writing a card for authority figures or people you do not know well, such as a boss, teacher or unfamiliar co-worker, a more formal good luck card is preferred.

Standard good luck notes are great when addressing those you are not being formal with. These greetings get the point across concisely while conveying that you know what is going on in that person's life. For example: "Good luck on the new job, Carol." According to That's Caring, the formula to follow when writing this response is "good luck, occasion, name." For a formal card, the formula should be "good luck, name, occasion". Such as: "Good luck, Dr. Johnson, on your first semester of teaching." An informal good luck statement should follow the formula of "good luck, name, occasion," as in "Good Luck, Bill, in the race" or "Good Luck, Mom, on your trip." When you are still not sure, it is always acceptable to write a simple congratulatory note, which consists of "good luck" followed by your name. It is usually written like this: "Good Luck - Michael."