How Do You Write a Funeral Speech to Eulogize Your Dad?


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Eulogize your father by first brainstorming ideas, introducing yourself and your message within the speech itself, defining your father's legacy, wrapping the eulogy up and objectively reviewing and editing the speech before delivering it. A good eulogy is time-consuming to create because of the research and revision necessary to create it.

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Begin by brainstorming ideas for the eulogy. This includes determining your father's legacy, writing down favorite memories and anecdotes and focusing on how to describe him. Next, determine the appropriate tone for the gathered mourners, and create an organizational template for the eulogy itself.

Begin with an introduction to yourself, including the nature of your relationship with your father. Next, introduce the engaging message of the eulogy by focusing on your father's legacy to his family and to the world. Use selected anecdotes in this section. Wrap things up by using final words that tie together the overall message of the eulogy, and thank the gathered mourners for attending the service.

After creating your first eulogy draft, objectively review it. Focus not only on proofreading for spelling and grammatical errors, but also on removing sections that are awkward and disrupt the overall flow of the speech. Use a friend or relative to help review the quality of the eulogy, and make any necessary edits. The review process makes it easier to memorize the eulogy if you wish.

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