How Do You Write a Funeral Eulogy?


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To write a funeral eulogy, start by writing down information about the person's life, including major accomplishments and milestones, the names of his family members and special stories about him. Use your notes to find a common theme or idea for the eulogy, such as he was a loving father or a creative mind. Arrange events in chronological order and begin writing a comprehensive speech.

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Start the eulogy with the person's birth date, and then highlight each milestone or accomplishment of his life. Add funny or touching stories, and any details that center around the prevalent theme of the person's life or legacy. Contact family members to ask if there is any specific topics they hope to include in the speech. If the person said any one quote regularly, or if there is an incident that defined the person's life, spend extra time explaining it an what it meant to the person and his family.

Recall any personal encounters with the person that affected your life in a positive way. Keep any humorous writing tasteful. Keep the eulogy brief and interesting without missing any important information. Write a realistic portrayal of the person, and do not use the eulogy as a platform for moral grandstanding. Rehearse the eulogy a few times before the funeral to ensure it sounds right, as well as to help you feel more relaxed when delivering the speech.

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