How Do I Write a Formal Invitation?

To write a formal invitation, the author should include the names of the hosts as well as the invited party, the location and time of the event, the reason for the event and the R.S.V.P. instructions. Formal invitations sent by a business or organization sometimes also include a logo, slogan or tagline.

Formal invitations should be printed on high-quality paper.

Step 1: Write the invitation

Authors of formal invitations should use formal wording. For example, it is customary to spell out the date of the event, such as "Tuesday, the sixth of November" rather than "Tuesday, November 6." Mention the names of the people hosting the event as well as details about the event, including the address and the nature of the occasion.

Step 2: Invite the recipient to R.S.V.P.

At the end of a formal invitation, the author should tell the recipient how to respond. Some invitations include a separate card and small envelope for people who want to accept or decline by mail.