What Do You Write in an Engagement Card?


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An engagement card should express congratulations and well wishes to the couple. Sentiments like, "All the best with the wedding plans and have a lovely life together," and, "Congratulations to the beautiful couple. What wonderful news!" are appropriate.

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Engagement cards should not include any assumptive language, such as messages concerning the wedding, a potential invitation or any children the couple may have. Cards should be mailed as soon as news of the engagement is announced to be received in a timely manner.

Unless there is an engagement party, providing the couple with an engagement gift is not necessary. Close friends and family members may wish to give the couple a gift, like a bottle of wine, a cookbook or any other item the couple can use together. Gifts that help the couple get to know one another, such as a class or spa day together, are appropriate modern selections. When providing a gift or cash to a couple, the traditional rule is to spend 20 percent of the total amount on an engagement gift, 20 percent on a bridal shower gift and 60 percent on the actual wedding present. Receipts should be kept in the event of the cancellation of an engagement.

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