How Do You Write Donor Thank You Letters?


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There are two important things to accomplish in a thank-you letter to a donor: thank the donor for his generosity, and show how or whom the donor's gift helped. Telling a story about a specific recipient is more effective than a general statement.

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How Do You Write Donor Thank You Letters?
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It is also important to send a thank-you letter quickly. If possible, mail it within 48 hours of receiving the donation. This confirms that you received the donation and makes a good impression on the donor. The donor may be more willing to donate in the future if he knows the gift is used efficiently and well.

Even for online donations, it is best to send a physical thank-you letter rather than an email. A physical letter, especially a handwritten one, stands out more in the donor's mind.

Be sure to personalize the thank-you letter. If you are sending many identical letters, use computer software that places each recipient's name in the greeting. Try to use personal pronouns and friendly language, rather than remaining distant. If the thank-you letters are printed, make an effort to sign them by hand.

A thank-you letter is also a good way to encourage future engagement with your cause. Do not ask for additional donations in the thank-you letter, but you may include a reply envelope that the donor can use in the future. Be sure to include full contact information, and invite the donor to visit your website and stay updated on your future work.

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