How Do You Write Christmas Wishes?

How Do You Write Christmas Wishes?

How Do You Write Christmas Wishes?

Write personal greetings, a quote or an inspirational message when creating Christmas wishes in a holiday card. Christmas wishes only take a few minutes to jot down by hand. Lengthier Christmas wishes, such as those printed as a holiday newsletter, initially take longer to create but are fast to photocopy.

  1. Obtain a Christmas card

    Buy a package of holiday cards or make your own cards at home out of construction paper, card stock or other materials. For a more personal touch, use a photograph to design a card at home or at a photo processing shop.

  2. Write Christmas wishes

    Write "A merry Christmas and a happy New Year" for a classic, simple greeting when pressed for time. Include more personal thoughts toward the recipient in a longer greeting, mentioning the receiver's family. Write a loving holiday quote to fill blank space or help express a sentiment, such as Charles Dickens's, "I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year."

  3. Write a holiday newsletter

    Type a holiday newsletter, print it out, and include it inside the Christmas cards. Write an update about work, family and special highlights from the year. Include wishes for a happy holiday. Give the letter a holiday letterhead or a Christmas border to make it look more festive.

  4. Send the card

    Fold the card, including the newsletter if applicable, and insert it in the envelope. Address the envelope, include proper postage, and mail the card.