How Do You Write Breakfast Invitations?

How Do You Write Breakfast Invitations?

To write breakfast invitations, address the invitees, provide details of the breakfast, thank the invitees, proofread your invitations, and send them out. Send the invitations three days to three weeks prior to the event.

  1. Address your invitees

    Address each person individually, using the appropriate salutation and greeting depending on the type of breakfast you are hosting. For a formal event, use formal salutations, and indicate the date in the upper right hand-hand corner.

  2. Provide details of the breakfast

    In the first paragraph, use complete sentences to provide details of the breakfast. Include important details such as time, date, location and the reason for the breakfast. Indicate what each guest should bring if the breakfast is an informal event.

  3. Thank the invitees

    Briefly thank the invitees for attending the breakfast. Sign the invitation with your name, and provide a contact email or phone number for your guests to RSVP.

  4. Proofread your invitations

    Proofread your invitations to ensure that you have all the names correct. Check for grammar and spelling mistakes, and correct as necessary.

  5. Send out the invitations

    Send out the invitations between three days and three weeks prior to the event. Be sure to schedule a work breakfast on a weekday.