How Do You Write a Birthday Poem to a Friend?


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To write a birthday poem, one method is to use the name of the person to create lines that begin with each letter of the person's name and also rhyme. For example, verses for "Matt" could be: "Man of the year. Awesome and brave. Totally sincere. The birthday knave!"

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Birthday poetry is very subjective and the success of the poetry depends on the person who receives the poem. Use discretion and the knowledge of the person to devise clever, simple rhyming schemes that speak to the person's character, likes, dislikes or sense of humor.

For another whimsical birthday poetry option, simply take some of the lines from the American "Birthday Song" and convert into revised lines of poetry. As an example, a revised birthday song/poem for someone named Matt who also likes animals: "Happy Birthday to Matt, Happy Birthday to Matt, this is your special day and you're cool as a cat!"

For a song/poem for someone named Sandy who has a sweet personality, you could write: "Happy Birthday, Sandy. Happy Birthday, Sandy, you are sweeter than candy, you are special and dandy, it's your birthday, dear Sandy, Happy Birthday to You!" In this example, the song lines repeated to allow for additional syllable sounds in the verses. Play with name and song poetry combinations to create a personalized and heartfelt poem that is well-received by a friend.

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