How Do You Write a Birthday Letter to Your Daughter?


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Write a birthday letter to your daughter by reminiscing about when she was first born, describing the happiness she brings you, commenting on her growth as a young woman, emphasizing your pride in her developments and achievements, and wishing happiness for this birthday and future birthdays. Accurately conveying all of your complex feelings to your daughter may take multiple drafts of the letter.

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Begin the letter with a kind salutation, such as, "My sweet girl." Then, comment on both her appearance and your feelings about her when she was first born. Use descriptive adjectives, such as "chocolate eyes," and speak openly about the happiness she generated for you and those around you when she was born.

Next, briefly describe the stages of her growth and development from a newborn infant to whatever her current age is. Describe how both her body and mind have changed and how these dramatic changes have made you feel. Detail your pride in who she has become by highlighting specific accomplishments. These may include not focusing so much on material gifts for her birthday and her abundant joy at what she did receive.

Near the end, describe what you have learned by watching her develop and grow. This may include qualities such as patience or a renewed appreciation for family. End by wishing her a happy birthday, hoping for many happy returns and expressing how much you love her.

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