How Do You Write a Bereavement Thank You Card?


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Write a bereavement thank you card by addressing recipients by name, thanking them for both their sympathy and any gifts or services they provided, and ending with a traditional closing phrase like "sincerely yours" followed by your name. Specific card phrasing may vary.

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A bereavement thank you card can be relatively short. You may start by addressing the person formally, using their appropriate title, last name, and preceding this with "Dear." You can tell the person that there are no specific words to thank them for their love and help and that you are deeply grateful, ending the letter by writing "With love" or "Sincerely yours" followed by your name.

If the individual performed a specific task such as performing the eulogy, thank that person for what she did and compliment her on how well she did, and be sure to reference something specific from the eulogy. Thank those who left flowers by complimenting the choice. Typically this means assuring them that the deceased would have appreciated the flower arrangement.

To thank those who have offered either personal or professional counsel to you, thank them for what they have said and say that their words have helped you to begin healing.

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