How Do You Wrap a Present?

Wrap a present by cutting wrapping paper to the right size and folding it around the present before taping it closed. This takes only a few minutes to do and requires wrapping paper, a present, scissors and tape.

  1. Cut the wrapping paper

    Roll out a sheet of wrapping paper, and lay the gift face down on top of it. Cut the wrapping paper so that it completely covers the gift with enough on the ends to fold over and overlap a little.

  2. Fold the paper over the gift

    Fold the paper over the gift so that the two sides meet in the middle. Fold one of the sides of the paper under 1 inch to create a nice, and crease. Overlap the raw edge of the other side of the paper with the folded edge, and tape it down.

  3. Fold the ends closed

    At one open end, push the two short sides inward until the paper lies flush against the gift. The inside of the flaps should have tiny triangles on each corner. Fold one flap down against the gift. Fold the raw edge of the other flap under for a nice edge, and fold it over the first flap. Tape it down. Repeat this process with the other end. If desired, you can also tie a ribbon around the present.