What Would Be a Mini-Welcome Speech for a Senior Citizen Dance?

An ideal welcome speech for a senior citizen dance should be brief and convey a simple, warm and inviting message. To write a mini-welcome speech for a senior citizen dance, the speaker should greet the guests, thank them for attending, extend greetings from the host organization or dance organizers, add a simple quote about dancing, then finish up by inviting the guests to enjoy themselves.

Alter the speech depending on personal style or the occasion for the dance. The closing statement can also introduce the first song, the performers or other instructions for the beginning of the dance. Since the audience is mostly senior citizens, try to remember what they are going through. Many have most likely gone through illnesses, hardships or deaths of family and friends, so honor their perseverance and help them feel like they are celebrating a long and beautiful life through the joyful activity of dancing.

CareisThere.com notes other ways to connect with senior citizens including being authentic and respectful. Do not refer to them as the elderly or offend them by putting limitations on them during this time. Be mindful of your tone and body language, as they will be able to sense any discomfort or disrespect, explains CareisThere.com.