Where in the World Is Valentine's Day Celebrated?

world-valentine-s-day-celebrated Credit: Image Source/Image Source/Getty Images

Valentine's Day is celebrated in many countries around the world. Although it was initially a mostly Western holiday celebrated in Europe and former British colonies such as the United States, this holiday has become internationally popular, particularly in Asia. According to a 2008 article from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Filipinos spend the most on Valentine's Day out of all their Asian continental neighbors, including citizens of Singapore, Korea and China. Other parts of the world, including Middle Eastern countries such as Israel and Iran, and Latin American countries with large Catholic populations, also observe this holiday, which has both religious and commercial facets.

In countries without a strong Catholic cultural influence, the celebration of Valentine's Day tends to dispense with the 'Saint' part of the holiday and focus solely on the celebration's association with love and romance. In some of these countries, such as Japan, Valentine's Day has a counterpart in the following months. In Japan, this counterpart is the March 14th White Day. In this country's celebrations, women are supposed to give gifts to men on the February holiday, while men give gifts to women in March. Other parts of the world may celebrate similar holidays at different times. For example, the Welsh celebration of a patron saint of love takes place on January 25.