Where Is the World's Most Haunted House?


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Documented in the book, "The World's Most Haunted House," a home on Lindley Street in Bridgeport, CT, gained notoriety in 1974 due to numerous paranormal events. Witnesses blamed poltergeist activity for events such as broken windows, levitating items and a talking cat.

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A number of reporters, priests, police officers and paranormal investigators scrutinized the events at the Lindley Street house. Most events seemed centered around the Goodin family's adopted daughter, Marcia. When Marcia confessed to staging the haunting, police declared the situation a hoax. However, questions remain about how Marcia accomplished the more complicated activity. Author William J. Hall explored the topic in his 2014 book, "The World's Most Haunted House: The True Story of the Bridgeport Poltergeist on Lindley Street."

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