What Are Some Words of Sympathy for a Mother?

words-sympathy-mother Credit: Sam Edwards/OJO Images/Getty Images

Some words of sympathy that people can give to someone for the loss of a mother are "we are sorry for your loss," "we are thinking about your wonderful mother," "our thoughts are with you and your family" and "we will miss your mother," according to Hallmark. While it can be difficult to write a sympathy card, it is important to reach out to those who are grieving to offer condolences and support.

Sympathy cards and letters are personal and do not have one set of rules, notes the Emily Post Institute. Instead, writers should be guided by their feelings when composing their card. It is recommended that writers do not focus on the manner of death, but simply express sympathy.

Sympathy cards can be sent to the closest relative, if the writer does not know a specific person well. For example, in the loss of a mother, the cards can go to the spouse or children. In addition to words of sympathy, writers can include a memory of the mother in the card. Words can be used to describe the person she was, such as hardworking, well loved, kindhearted and respected. Writers can also include offers to help the family.