What Are Some Words for Simple Wedding Ceremonies?


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Some words for simple wedding ceremonies include an opening to welcome the guests and give a reason for the event, such as "Thank you all for coming today to witness the joining together in marriage of this man and this woman." This is often followed by a reading or a statement addressed to the couple who is marrying, and it describes the significance of the wedding and the importance of the commitment the couple is making.

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The wedding vows usually follow the reading. The couple can write their own vows, or the vows can come from an order of ceremony booklet. The couple typically exchanges rings after declaring their vows. The most common wording for the ring exchange is "With this ring, I thee wed."

The ceremony usually ends with a declaration. This is typically the point in the ceremony where the officiant declares the couple married for the first time. The common wording includes a phrase such as, "By the power given me by the state of California, I pronounce you husband and wife." This is followed by the officiant granting the husband permission to kiss his bride. The officiant then introduces the couple to the guests in attendance by their married name.

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