What Are Some Words to Include in a Holiday Vocabulary List?


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Holiday vocabulary lists can include broader holiday terms such as celebration, decoration, custom, tradition and gifts. They can also include terms more specific to a given holiday such as gratitude for Thanksgiving or patriotic for President's Day.

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Around Halloween, teachers can introduce words such as costume, spook, doom, screech and apparition. Thanksgiving brings words such as ingredient and gathering into focus. Around the winter holidays, teachers can introduce the meanings of words such as gathering, tinsel, reunion, present and icicle. In January, the new year is an opportunity to bring up annual, resolution, dream and refine.

At Valentine's Day, students can incorporate words such as devotion, commitment, bravery, love and courage. President's Day can offer an introduction into social studies vocabulary including monument, president, White House, leader and country, in addition to representative, mission, vote, Congress and independence.

April Fools Day ideas can include words that describe common practices such as prank, dupe and fool, as well as associated words such as consequence, embarrass, confuse or upset. Groundhog Day is the perfect time to talk about these animals in their natural habitat with words such as burrow, underground, gnaw, agriculture and crop. Earth Day can segue into concepts such as energy, conservation, waste, recycle and environment.

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