What Are Some Words of Congratulations for a Wedding?


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Some of the most popular words of congratulations at weddings include variations involving "cheers," "wishing you..." and the expression "tying the knot." It is often customary to congratulate the bride and groom on their nuptials by offering them praise for uniting as one and good fortune moving forward together.

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Many popular phrases and expressions of congratulations center on the concept of two becoming one, as after the ceremony and the exchanging of vows, the newly weds are often seen as one in the eyes of friends, family, their religion and the law. The expression "to tie the knot" is a popular colloquialism used almost exclusively to describe the act of marriage.

Most words of congratulations also tend to focus on the future of the new couple and their life to come. These types of well-wishes usually begin with the word "may" and are then followed by a series of hopeful proclamations; "May you experience many happy years together," for example .

Depending on the tone and timing of the proceedings, humor can also be a popular ingredient in congratulatory words spoken at a wedding, most predominantly in the form of toasts from friends and family offered while drinking champagne or another celebratory beverage during a reception.

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