What Are Some Wording Tips for a Unity Cross Ceremony?


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Wording tips for using a unity cross in a wedding ceremony include explaining the symbolism of the parts of the unity cross and the reading of appropriate scriptures, such as Matthew 19:5, Ephesians 5:31 or Genesis 2:24. These verses speak of the man and woman becoming one flesh, just as the parts of the cross fit together to form a single piece of artwork.

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The unity cross kit is available at bridal supply stores. It includes a base, the outer and inner cross pieces, and three gold pegs that hold the unit together. The outer cross represents the bold, stronger support of the male role, while the inner decorative cross has more feminine elements. Three gold pegs, representing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, hold the two pieces together.

The unity cross ceremony is one of many options showing the joining of two individuals to become a family. From the Christian tradition, it also acknowledges God as a part of the marriage relationship. Similar ceremonies include the unity candle, where both couples light a single candle from two individual ones, the sand ceremony where they pour sand from two containers into a single one, and the cord of three strands. These optional elements of the ceremony make it unique and add meaning for the couple and audience. With any of these options, the wording can be adjusted to meet the couple's desires.

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