What Are Some Wording Examples for Thank You Notes?

What Are Some Wording Examples for Thank You Notes?

A thank you note should include a greeting, a description of the item given and a reason the recipient is thankful to have the item. Using at least one exclamation point will help to indicate the recipient's excitement or happiness at having been given the gift. For example: "Hello Aunt Robin, Thank you for the red mittens you gave me! I will need them when I walk to school this year. Thank you very much, Thomas."

At the most basic, thank you notes need to thank a specific person for a specific item. If this seems too short, try stating what the recipient likes about the gift or how the gift will be used for. Writers can also mention the next time they plan on seeing the person. Lastly, an exclamation mark adds a note of happiness or excitement to the note. Below are some examples.

"Dear John, I received the book about trees you sent me. I plan on reading it when I travel this summer. Thank you very much for thinking of me! Sincerely, Jane."

"Mom, Thank you so much for giving me money for Christmas! I was just sitting down to pay bills when I opened your letter. Thank you again very much! Love, Fred."

"Dear Mr. Brown, I want to thank you for including my family in the company mailing list for calendars this year. My husband and children enjoyed looking through the calendar and learning more about Widgets, Inc. Happy New Year to you and your family! Thanks again, Arcadia Smith from accounting."

"Grandpa Joe, Thank you for the gift card to Walmart. I have already used it to buy a new toaster and some gourmet bread. I hope that we can have toast together soon! Jimmy."