How Do You Word a Wedding Program?

How Do You Word a Wedding Program?

Wedding programs can be worded a variety of different ways depending on personal preference, religion, and type of ceremony. Most couples include the names and descriptions of important wedding party members, as well as explanations of religious or cultural ceremonies that may be included in the wedding.

According to the Knot, there are many different types and lengths of wedding programs. The wording usually reflects the formality of the ceremony itself and includes the relevant information that the couple wishes to convey to guests. Normally, shorter programs are preferred. Providing a longer or more verbose program can mean that guests may be struggling to read all of the information provided during the ceremony itself.

A wedding program typically contains a title page with the names and wedding date of the couple. The names of the wedding party are included, including the specific relationship of each member to the bride or groom. Family members who have no designated role in the wedding, or who have passed away, may be acknowledged.

If the wedding includes religious or ethnic ceremonies that are not familiar to all of the guests, the program may include a brief explanation of these ceremonies. Couples may wish to conclude with their relationship or proposal story, personal photos, or anything that makes the program a worthwhile keepsake.

More casual or informal weddings may eliminate the program altogether. The Knot maintains it is considered an optional feature.